Pose Sushi Lak Gloss Acrylic Spray Paint

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  • Brand: Ironlak

SKU: 1603133

Pose Sushi Lak Gloss Acrylic Spray Paint is a quick dry, high quality, solvent-based acrylic paint designed for artists, by artists. A high concentration of vibrant UV resistant pigment offers superior coverage and excellent longevity when painting outdoors. 

Acrylic resin has strong adhesion and flexibility and provides crisp, clean line-work with no overspray. An advanced valve system allows variable spray output, giving a wide spectrum of can control capabilities, fast to slow, thick to thin.



  • Color: Pose Sushi
  • Weight: 11 Ounces (312 Grams)
  • Volume: 400mL
  • Finish: Gloss


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