Neon Acrylic Paint Set

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  • Brand: Master's Touch

SKU: 946111

Create a work of art that's as bright as you are with Metallic Acrylic Paint Set. Master's Touch metallic acrylic paints provide the highest quality of rich, vivid color.

Its heavy-bodied consistency makes it ideal for adding texture and achieving a wide range of fine art techniques. This paint works on a variety of surfaces and can be applied from the tube or with water for dilution. This set of 6 boldly colored paints is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.


Colors Included:

  • 22mL - Neon Yellow
  • 22mL - Neon Pink
  • 22mL - Neon Blue
  • 22mL - Neon Green
  • 22mL - Neon Orange
  • 22mL - Neon Purple


Each package contains 6 tubes.