Epoxy Resin - 32 Ounce Kit

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Seal your artworks with the 32 Ounce-Epoxy Resin Kit for a high gloss clear coat that shines with a professional look! This Art Resin kit contains two bottles, a resin solution and a hardening solution, that when mixed together will create a crystal-clear coat perfect for giving jewelry, sculptures, photos, paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces a glossy, glass-like finish. 

This epoxy resin is non-toxic, giving off no fumes or volatile organic compounds, and the kit will cover approximately 8 square feet of surface. Simply add equal parts resin and hardener and stir thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. Once the mix is made you have about 45 minutes of working time to perfect finishing your piece. Let it cure for 24 hours and love showing off your piece for a lifetime!


Note: Package contains 1 bottle of resin and 1 bottle of hardener. Each bottle contains 16 ounces.


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