Water Brushes - 6 Piece Set


SKU: 1830561

Create amazing artworks with awesome tools! Water Brushes features an assortment of tip types such as round, filbert, and flat. These fun water brush pens are each designed with a clear-plastic handle that serves as a reservoir for water and the clear bristles, which are meant to remain damp during use, will help you gain control over your pigmentation. 

Use them to apply watercolor pigments, to lift off existing watercolor pencil or water-soluble crayon markings, or to blend your watercolor designs. Eliminating the need for a water cleaning cup as you paint, these water brushes are the perfect tool to use inside or outside on location.


Set Contains: 

  • 1 - Size 01 Brush
  • 1 - Size 02 Brush
  • 1 - Size 03 Brush
  • 1 - Size 04 Brush
  • 1 - Size 07 Brush
  • 1 - Size 10 Brush


Package contains 6 brushes.