Superduo Czech Glass Beads - 2.5mm x 5mm

  • Brand: Bead Treasures

Use 2.5mm x 5mm Superduo Czech Glass Beads to bring vibrant color and design to your jewelry pieces, fashion creations, and fiber arts! 

These small beads are designed as an oval-shaped seed bead with two holes and a raised center, perfect for interlocking stitches and offering a lovely diamond-shaped profile when viewed from the side. Use them to make beautiful, stitched projects such as bracelets using a loom, herringbone stitch, right-angle weave stitch, diagonal ladder stitch; to embroider; and so much more!



  • Length: 2.5mm
  • Width: 5mm
  • Hole Diameter: .08mm


Tube contains 24 grams of beads.


Ages 14+