Amber Glass Bottle Charms - 10mm x 18mm

  • Brand: Blank Slate by Traditions

SKU: 1418425

Create the cutest of crafts using 10mm x 18mm  Amber Glass Bottle Charms! These miniature yellow-brown glass bottles each come with a tiny, tapered cork so you can seal super small items inside.

Tie a thick wire around the bottle's neck to make a dangling charm or whimsical craft embellishment or glue them down to a flat surface such as a diorama or memory tray. The options for use of this little item are large in number, so don't keep your creativity all bottled up inside!



  • Diameter: 10.7mm (7/16")
  • Bottle Height: 18mm (11/16")
  • Overall Height (with cork lid): 22mm (7/8")


Package contains 22 glass bottles.


Ages 14+