Snowman With Stocking Snow Globe

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Make sure even the smallest of spaces in your home is decorated for Christmas! Snowman With Stocking Snow Globe features a clear, glass snow globe on a resin pedestal and a resin snowman figurine inside.

The resin pedestal is brown with snowflake designs and the front has a snowman tipping its hat next to a tree. Where the glass globe meets the base there is a fake snow design spilling over. Inside the snowglobe features a snowman with brown embellishments, a red scarf and gloves, holding a blue stocking, a gold star, and holly. The snowman is smiling big in his brown Santa hat. Shake the globe to watch faux snow fall on the wintry scene, and enjoy every inch of your Christmas home!



  • Diameter: 2 3/4"
  • Height: 4"