Country Drive Puzzle

  • Brand: Eurographics Puzzle

SKU: 1258797

Grab a friend, work as a family, or embark on your own challenge to piece together a splendid countryside scene! Country Drive Puzzle features recycled pieces that fit together to make an image of a red, vintage truck driving down a curving, country road toward a red barn and two-story house ahead.

This puzzle features amazing colors and lots of details including a scarecrow, a dog in the back of the truck, several cattle in the distance, a red cardinal on a fence post, a tiny squirrel hidden in a tree, and so much more. It is filled with lush foliage such as detailed, green grasses, trees, and bushes. Enjoy the picture you worked so hard to reveal — you may very well want to frame it on the wall of your home for a beautiful view!



  • Length: 19 1/4"
  • Width: 26 5/8"


Puzzle contains 500 pieces.