X-Acto Retractable Blade Knife

  • Brand: X-Acto

SKU: 609602

X-Acto Retractable Blade Knife is a stylish and convenient addition to any desk or drawer. Similar in appearance to a high quality pen, this knife features an X-Acto razor sharp cutting blade and superior craftsmanship. It's great for trimming coupons and other lightweight items.

X-Acto knives are the preferred cutting tool for a wide variety of professionals and hobbyists alike. Designers and artists love the X-Acto knife’s ability to produce careful and meticulous cuts with consistency, while engineers praise the knife’s durable design and reliability. Cut fabrics, paper, acetate, and more!



  • Length: 5 3/4"
  • Width: 3/8"


Package contains 1 knife.