Break Open Amethyst Geodes Kit

  • Brand: Discover with Dr. Cool

SKU: 1728971

Perhaps the most fascinating of all rock formations, geodes are typically hollow, rounded rocks in which beautiful crystals have formed. Discover your own sparkly rocks with Break Open Amethyst Geodes Kit! This kit gives your children a fun way to learn hands on! This kit features four geodes, safety goggles, a stand for your rock, an activity book, and an information guide! Read the activity book, put on your safety goggles, and use the information guide to learn while you break open the rocks and find the lovely glitter inside! Make learning a great experience for your kids with fun kits like this!


Kit Contains:

  • 4 - Geodes (1 1/2" - 2")
  • 1 - Display Stand
  • 1 - Activity Book
  • 1 - Full-Color Information Guide
  • 1 - Safety Glasses
  • 1 - Magnifying Glass