Fly Traps

  • Brand: DuneCraft

SKU: 750562

Grow your own infamous meat eating Fly Trap Plant. Like all plants, Fly Traps use sunlight to produce energy through photosynthesis. However, because these plants are indigenous to bogs and swamps lacking in vital minerals and nutrients in the growing medium, which are necessary for plant growth, they have radically adapted by becoming carnivores. When the plant captures it's prey it will digest the insect extracting the necessary provisions unfound in the natural environment.

This package includes:

  • Terrarium
  • Venus Fly Trap seed pack (contains 8 mg)
  • Plant stake
  • Planting mixture
  • Planting and care information guide


  • Planting the seeds into the terrarium
  • Water
  • Insects or diluted fertilizers

DuneCraft guarantees this plant will live without insects. If you choose not to feed it insects you must use diluted fertilizers. Never feed your Fly Trap raw meat. Terrarium contains over 70% recycled content.