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Bob Smith Industries

Quik-Cure Epoxy

SKU: 1027614

Quik-Cure Epoxy is an equal two-part adhesive that offers a high strength bond through a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. It is designed to cure in temperatures down to 40° F and above 90°F.

Product Details

The lack of brittleness allows for lasting bonds on materials like balsa wood and glass as well as works on metal and foam. This premium adhesive offers 3500 PSI, works in as little as five minutes, and reaches full cure in less than fifteen hours.


Package contains 2 bottles with 4.5 ounces combined.

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August 23, 2023

gets gelly

the 2 part epoxy gets very gelly way to fast to really try to apply with a brush after only about a minute and becomes very clumpy. its very thick i expected something more runny for a short period. i did however like the fact that it dries clear

August 23, 2023

Great for fast set projects!

This epoxy did exactly what it said it would do. Within 5 minutes of STARTING to mix, the epoxy was setting up, or hardening. 2 hours for a full cure. Just what the label indicated. If you need more working time, use 30 minute epoxy. Great product.

August 23, 2023

Good choice for a quick setting epoxy

I am the fix it guy in the family. I have just about every glue type in my shop but 2 part epoxy is what I use the most. I like the 20 min. cure for most jobs but this 5 min. cure works better if I need something that sets up a bit faster.

August 23, 2023

Great epoxy

I love this epoxy and have been using the same bottles for years. It's an economical value and works very well. A lot less messy than buying Loctitite epoxy that comes in tubes.

August 23, 2023

Weak bond

I will never buy this product ever again it has a weak bond which i thought i was mixing a uneven mixture but i measured it out with a plastic teaspoon and it still has a weak bond all you got to do is just touch it after 24 hours and it falls apart.

August 23, 2023

I've used this on many different bonding surfaces

I've used the epoxy on, metal, plastic, wood.. I personally never seen in epoxy so strong and doesn't break down over time I don't see a spot where I can take pic but I have quite a few pics that I've used as epoxy on and it's still holding on everything.

September 30, 2023


This epoxy is on the spendy side but I have never seen anything like it. It fixes whats broke for good. I broke a fishing rod in half and used this for the repair. Several years later its still catching fish. I have yet to find anything better.