Mosaic Adhesive & Grout Applicator Set

  • Brand: Mosaic Mercantile

SKU: 274308

This Mosaic Adhesive & Grout Applicator Set contains scaled-down versions of traditional tile tools, designed to help you achieve a professional-looking result. A must-have set for beginners and pros alike, this set will make your next mosaic project feel like a breeze!


Included in this set is:

  • 1 - V-notch trowel for applying adhesive to the project surfaces
  • A variety of wooden sticks for applying adhesive on the backs of various sized mosaic tile pieces
  • 1 - Flat blade spreader for applying grout to the tiled surface  
  • 1 - Highly absorbent sponge for removing excess grout from the project surface


Package contains 8 pieces total.