Stencil Cutter Kit

  • Brand: Show-Offs

SKU: 849505

Cut your own stencils quickly and easily. Just trace along design lines while the tool burns through the stencil.

Kit Includes:

  1. Stencil Cutter
  2. Wire Stand
  3. Curved and Straight Tips

Tips Included:

Dot Point : Dots - Soft Detail - Delicate Work

Bent Fine Point: Easier - Fine Detail - Delicate Work


  1. Place a stencil black over your design--you can tape the blank down to keep it from moving. Then, use a dark permanent marker to trace the design onto the stencil blank.
  2. Place the black on a protective surface like a pane of glass. Now, hold the cutter like a pencil to trace the design. Apply light, even pressure.