Black Rit Powder Dye

  • Brand: Rit Dye

SKU: 492660

Add vibrant color to garments, shoes, accessories, household items, decor, and more with Black Rit Powder Dye! This all-purpose, non-toxic dye works well with most washable fabrics as well as materials like wicker, paper, hemp, cork, and more.

It is not recommended for use on one-hundred percent polyester, acrylic, acetate, fiberglass, or metallic fibers, and it is not ideal for fibers with special finishes and embellishments or ones listed as dry clean only or washable only in cold water. All you need in addition to this dye is a washing machine and a plastic container or a stainless steel sink, and you will be on your way to creating colorful, fashionable pieces that dazzle with bold beauty!


Package contains 1.125 ounces of dye.


Note: One package dyes 1 pound dry weight or about 3 yards medium weight fabric.