Jewel Tone Feather Butterflies - Small

  • Brand: My Garden Friends

SKU: 700476

Small Jewel Tone Feather Butterflies are perfect for making your projects look colorful and whimsical. These lovely butterfly decorations feature jewel tone feathery wings in either dark blue, green, pink, dark magenta, purple, or peach with black and white painted designs and an attached flexible wire, so you can wrap or tie them around things or stick them in arrangements.

Incorporate them into floral and wreath displays, add them to a gift box ribbons or fashion accessories, use them to make dioramas, and so much more. Set your creativity aflutter and showcase darling, spring decor!



  • Length: 1 3/8" (6 3/4" - 7 3/4" including wire)
  • Width: 2 1/8"


Package contains 6 pieces.