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                Candle Accessories

                It’s easy to maintain a well-lit ensemble when you have the right candle accessories to work with. Tools like candle snuggers, wick trimmers, and even lighters make it that much easier to manage things, especially when you’re working with a lot of candles. Grab some lighters for your upcoming barbecue, keep large and tall candles steady by securing them with candle adhesive, and revive a classic lamp with replaceable oil lamp wicks. When you’re trying to fit a new candle into your favorite candle holder, grab a candle snugger or wax fitter. These accessories are designed to help keep tapered, votive, and many other types of candles in place, so you don’t have to worry about them falling over or dripping wax. Candle adhesive allows you to add another layer of security. Designed like a snugger or wax fitter, this adhesive holds your candle in place after applying only a small amount. Candle rings are helpful for preventing hot wax from damaging shelves and tables. If you purchased or made a candle and the wick seems to be a bit long, you can use a wick trimmer to fix the problem. Simply snip the wick, and the excess will fall away, leaving you with the perfect size. Not just for barbecues, a gas lighter is a necessary tool to have around the house! They’re perfect for lighting candles and fireworks from a safe distance. It’s always a good idea to have handy candle accessories around when the need arises.