ScentSationals Replacement Bulbs - 15W

  • Brand: ScentSationals

SKU: 321638

Keep your fragrance warmer refreshed and always putting off delightful scents with 15W ScentSationals Replacement Bulbs. Designed for use with ScentSationals® fragrance warmers, these glass bulbs are simple to replace with just a twist of your hand. After replacing the bulbs, try a new scent to inspire your surroundings!


Details (Per Bulb):

  • Brightness: 110 Lumens
  • Energy Used: 15 Watts
  • Life: 1500 Hours (Based On 4 Hours/Day)
  • Light Appearance: Warm
  • Style: C7
  • Base: Candelabra


Package contains 2 bulbs. 


Note: Bulbs do not contain mercury.