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              Picture Frames & Photo Albums

              Frames and photo albums continue to be great choices for making the moments that are most precious last a lifetime. Weddings, birthdays, graduations, and joyous celebrations can be relived again and again. Make the most of every moment with picture frames that work with your home’s decor. Wood picture frames are ideal for enhancing rustic and farmhouse styles with a bit of family charm. Choose from a cozy whitewash wall frame or one that’s sleek and polished for a modern look. A metal picture frame provides industrial character to a room, while rattan offers a natural accent that’s fresh, and ornate frames encourage a sense of luxury. Look for the ideal shadow box to hold more than just photographs. Fill these time capsules with items that hold precious memories such as seashells, feathers, medals, awards, and commemorative trinkets. For larger items, a display case works well to protect your valuables, and you can use a flag case to showcase your allegiance through a patriotic presentation. If you’re looking for ways to coordinate your frames and photos, gallery walls offer an elegant display for both vintage and modern frames. Creating a walled collage that brings texture to a room with plenty of clean lines to lead the eyes of your visitors. Craft your own works of art with picture frame matting that comes pre-cut to fit inside an appropriately sized frame. For the DIY individual, there are an assortment of hardware such as hanging clips and wall hooks for placing frames without putting holes in the wall. Fill a display of collage picture frames with the faces of friends, family, and even pets. Once filled, you can use these accents to add verticality and depth. Choose from a variety of styles for pieces you can admire every time you walk through a room.