Pep Talk Wallet Card

  • Brand: Blue Mountain Arts

SKU: 1328178

Keep words of encouragement with you at all times. With wallet cards, you can make sure you have something special to read at those times when you really need it. Pep Talk Wallet Card is like a warm hug from someone truly special in your life. Give it to someone who means a lot to you, and let them know how much you care.



  • Length: 3 3/8"
  • Width: 2 1/8"


Full Text: A Little Pep Talk. Repeat After Me: I Am Strong. I Am Special. I Can Do Anything. Sometimes Life Throws Hurdles In Our Path, But We Just Have To Keep On Going Full Speed Ahead, Looking Inside Ourselves For The Courage To Leap Over Them And Never Look Back. Always Believe In Yourself As Much As Others Believe In You.