Every Day In His Presence

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In today's chaotic world we all need, and often long for, simply to stop to regroup our thoughts and connect with God. If we don't, how are we to hear His voice and know His plan for our lives?

Now from bestselling author, pastor, and teacher Charles Stanley comes a brand-new devotional designed to take you into His presence--every day. Each reading offers inspiration, truth, guidance, and wisdom, and a reassuring sense of God's loving hand on your life. With tender grace and encouraging conviction, Dr. Stanley provides insights on real-life issues such as overcoming disappointments, facing fears, waiting on God's timing, knowing how to be content, and so much more. Each devotion includes a Scripture, a prayer, and a special "In His Presence" takeaway thought for meditation. Make drawing near to God a part of your daily routine, and experience a transforming power only He can give you.



  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Pages: 386
  • Author: Charles F. Stanley

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