Painted Notebooks


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Take notes, draw sketches, and so the math with Painted Notebooks! These softcover notebooks features artsy covers and come in three different sizes.

The small notebook has blank pages and the cover is white with gold-foil sprinkles in the top right corner with the word "today" in the bottom left. The medium notebook has grid pages and the cover has a gold, artsy spine with black lines and blue and green paint strokes printed against a white background. The large notebook has lined pages and has multi-colored cover that looks like a canvas painted with geometric shapes. Use them to jot down information that is applicable and inspirational to your life!



  • Length: 6" - 8"
  • Width: 4" - 6"


Set contains 3 notebooks: 1 lined, 1 blank, and 1 grid. Each with 60 pages.