Sew Cute Mermaid Pillow Kit


SKU: 1695907

Create the most darling pillow creation with Sew Cute Mermaid Pillow Kit! Featuring all the things you will need besides, scissors, follow the easy-instructions guide to create a pillow in the shape of a cute mermaid! The mermaid will boast pink hair, a green tail, imitation pearls, and other sea-themed, colorful embellishments! Sew this cute pillow for yourself or child, or give your child the opportunity to learn the fantastic skill of sewing while having fun and creating an object for their room! Display this sea-creature pillow out for all to admire!


Kit Contains:

  • 12 - Pieces of Felt
  • 5 - Adhesive Back Faux Pearls
  • 1 - Metal Needle
  • 4 1/2 - Yards of Yarn
  • 1.10 - Ounces of Polyfill
  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions