Sew Your Own Llama Pillow Kit


SKU: 1696590

Learn to sew in a fun, exciting way! Sew Your Own Llama Pillow Kit is a fantastic way to teach your child a new hobby and give them excitement while learning! This kit features almost all of the tools you'll need, including an easy-to-follow instruction book that helps you create the pillow and fun embellishments for the llama, along with information about llamas! Create the fluffy pillow friend, then embellish it with a unicorn horn, tassels, a top hat, blanket, and more! Learn to sew in a safe way, while creating something you can display for all to admire and enjoy!


Kit Contains:

  • Precut Faux Fur
  • 2 - Perle Cotton Thread
  • 1 - White Embroidery Floss
  • 1 - Black Embroidery Floss
  • Felt Detail Pieces
  • 2 - Sewing Needles With Holder
  • Traceable Patterns
  • Precut Fabric Backing
  • Felt Squares (3 colors)
  • 8 - Pom Poms (2 colors)
  • 14 - Sequins (3 colors)
  • Yarn
  • Stuffing


Kit makes 1 llama pillow with accessory options.