Lizbeth Thread Holder

  • Brand: Lizbeth

SKU: 408682

Lizbeth Thread Holder is designed specifically for a core wound ball of thread up to 2.6" in diameter. It features a unique lock and side opening that allows thread changes without cutting, and a latch that keeps thread ball intact if dropped, protects thread from dust, spills and curious pets.

Inside you will find an integral peg that supports the ball while facilitating smooth withdrawal. Add your favorite ribbon to hang the holder from your wrist, neck, or a hook for storage. A free ball of Lizbeth thread is included with the Thread Holder (color not guaranteed).


Note: This item comes in assorted colors. You may not receive the color pictured.  If you would like to specify a color, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-888-0321, and press 1 to speak with a representative.