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Peachtree Playthings

Resin Studio Wood River Plank Kit

SKU: 1981182

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Delve into a new craft by exploring the art of resin pouring! Resin Studio Wood River Plank Kit comes with everything you need to create a beautiful plank with glass stones imbedded within. Mix your colors, pour your resin, and cast your masterpiece!


Kit Contains:

  • 2 - Natural Wood Planks With Bark
  • 3 - Glass Stones
  • 2 Fluid Ounces - Resin
  • 2 Fluid Ounces - Hardener
  • 1 - Mixing Container
  • 1 - Pouring Bowl
  • 1 - Stirring Stick
  • 1 - Acetate Sheet
  • 1 - Paint Brush
  • 2 - Craft Sticks
  • 12 - Push Pinks
  • 2- Gloves
  • Craft Tape
  • Wax Paper
  • Instruction Booklet

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August 23, 2023

Instructions are not clear

The instructions are not clear the pictures are tiny so you can't see anything and there's no help anywhere online do not recommend

August 23, 2023


There are literally no resources for this product anywhere.

August 23, 2023

Seems Incomplete

The instructions need bigger pictures, more clear instructions. The product itself, there is not enough resin to cover even the rocks you place in the middle, and I did 2-2.5 inches instead of the 3 inches recommended. I used all the rocks, too. Terrible.

August 23, 2023


Horrible lack of instructions. Had to use 2 kits worth of resin to halfway fill the 3” gap that was suggested. Ended up with resin everywhere & scrambling to cleanup. Definitely a waste of money.

August 23, 2023

Comes with everything you need but clear instructi

This got me so mad to make. Not fun at all when you're frustrated trying to figure out what to do properly. Waste of money and time.

August 23, 2023

Do not buy!

I work with resin frequently and thought “why not try this”. I’d rather pay the extra money for an actual tray to hold the wood in place than “tack” craft sticks a plastic sheet. the epoxy included doesn’t even cover the “river”.. huge mess. Big joke.

August 23, 2023

Not enough resin

The instructions weren't clear, there's nowhere near enough resin unless you're gonna cut the boards in half. I'm using UV resin to finish it out

August 23, 2023

Easy to do!

My daughter and I made this project last weekend, I have never used resin before and was so pleasantly surprised that it was so easy to do! Great project turnout!

August 23, 2023


Resin Artist here, decided to try this, and there's not even enough resin to fill 1/4th of the way up the "river" and a bunch of it seeped out. Unclear instructions, and clearly the kit does NOT have "EVERYTHING YOU NEED!" don't waste your money.

August 23, 2023

Not enough resin

I wanted to try to start doing projects. Resin mixture filled less than half, had to buy more. Did not even leave 3” gap only a 2” gap.