Custom Framing

Custom Frames 50% off. Always 50% off the marked price. Applies to frame only.  See store details. Compare our prices with our competitors' larger in-store discounts. Free quotes. See our great selection.  Satisfaction guaranteed.
Add elegance to your artwork.
Since 1972 Hobby Lobby started as a home-based framing business. And today, each of our over 700 stores has a professional custom-framing department. Find Store.
Hobby Lobby Offers Free Quotes and competitive pricing.  Shop while you wait. Satisfaction guaranteed.
At Hobby Lobby You Get Personalized Service.  Our certified custom framers are ready and eager to serve you on an individual basis.
Complement your style. Choose from over 350 Mouldings to create a frame that works for your home.  Frames are always 50% off the marked price.
Protect Your Memories. Hobby Lobby has over 300 mat-boards to choose from including colored, textured and fabric mats.  All custom mat-boards are archival-quality, acid-free and lignin-free for the maximum protection of your artwork.
Shop while you wait.  We have a selection of our most popular mat-board colors available at every location.
All of our glazing options are UV-Blocking and protect your artwork from 99% of UV rays.  Museum Glass™ offers optimal protection and clarity and features two layers of optical coating to virtually eliminate reflections and brighten colors.  Museum Glass™  is best for bright rooms, shadowboxes and highly detailed pieces.   Conservation Clear™ is suitable for use in rooms with little light and is available in glass or acrylic.  Conservation Reflection Control™ has an optical coating that diffuses light to reduce glare.  Conservation Reflection Control™  is suitable for use in rooms with more light and artwork with few fine details.
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