Sculpey Souffle Oven-Bake Clay Multipack

  • Brand: Sculpey

SKU: 1012624

Experience a different kind of polymer clay. Sculpey Souffle Oven-Bake Clay Multipack is an innovative, lightweight clay that is perfect for jewelry making!

Its strength and ability to hold detail makes it an excellent clay for advanced techniques such as mokume gane, bargello, and caning. It is strong and self supporting, and doesn’t crack in large pieces, which makes it great for larger clay projects as well. Souffle clay has a beautiful suede finish when baked!


Colors Included:

  • 6001 Igloo
  • 6072 Canary
  • 6629 Pistachio
  • 6323 Jade
  • 6033 Pumpkin
  • 6083 Cherry Pie
  • 6503 So 80's
  • 6515 Turnip
  • 6505 Sea Glass
  • 6063 Lagoon
  • 6053 Cowboy
  • 6042 Poppy Seed


Package contains 10.8 ounces.

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