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High Torque Movement Clock Hands & Dial

15 reviews
SKU: 637843

This Clock Hands and Dial set is perfect for your clock creations. It is specifically designed for large clocks and to power big hands as the dial is high torque.

Product Details


  • Shaft Diameter - 5/16" Thick
  • Threaded Shaft Length - 7/16"
  • Over Shaft Length - 7/8"
  • Hand Length: 8" - 16 1/8"


For more detailed instructions on how to assemble this clock movement, please email Customer Service.

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August 23, 2023

Does NOT work

It is not possible to even assemble the parts to see if it will work… Directions were too small to even be used for a fire starter. :(

August 23, 2023

Movement Kit

I have used this kit numerous times with absolutely no problems. I make large clocks and this one has been the best so far. I like that the hands are a matte finish so I can spray paint them another color if I want.

August 23, 2023

Does not work

This kit simply does not work. I assembled my clock, put in a new battery and hung it. It worked until the minute hand was facing down, then stopped. Thinking that the hand was too long/heavy for the mechanism, I laid it flat. It still does not work.

August 23, 2023

It's "OK"

This kit is "ok" I built a wooden clock to use for this kit and I have had trouble getting the hands to not get "stuck" on the wood. I had to keep bending to arms to adjust it so it wouldn't get stuck.

August 23, 2023

Understandable limitations

I used these hands on a "pallet clock" hanging outside on a covered patio. The arms are very thin and after more than a year one finally snapped. But given the weight requirements, this is understandable. It has been up for a while, no complaints!

August 23, 2023

Review: High Torque Movement Clock Hands & Dial

My husband and I were very happy with this purchase. We built a 40" wooden clock using these clock hands and movement. I've had it for over a year and it still keeps perfect time. We didn't have any problem assembling the components.

August 23, 2023


These are the best deal I could find . My only complaint is, the minute hand is too long on the short end. It's confusing, as it is longer than the hour hand .

August 23, 2023

Use as intended

Works great for what it was intended to do. Most negative reviews had nothing to do with the product, but the way it was installed. Ive used 100 times. They all worked. I have one on my back porch now that has been keeping time for 5 years.

August 23, 2023

Slow movement

We purchased this kit to build a 48" round clock. Within 24 hours, the movement was slow by almost 1.5 hours. I think that this is a hit or miss on the movement, and this was a miss. The one that we got did not. We will buy a different movement and see.

August 23, 2023


The quality control by the supplier must be rather weak. The Roman numeral number 4 was printed IIII instead of the correct IV and the hands were not correctly punched. For the cost of the kit, the supplier and hobby lobby should be better