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Items related to Fall Garlands

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                                Cream Berry & Leaf Garland
                                IN STOCK
                                price: $34.99
                                Maple Leaf, Berry & Acorn Garland
                                IN STOCK
                                price: $29.99
                                Orange Light Up Oak Leaf Garland
                                IN STOCK
                                price: $29.99
                                Burgundy & Brown Maple Leaf Garland
                                IN STOCK
                                price: $10.99
                                Orange Flower & Maple Leaf Garland
                                IN STOCK
                                price: $29.99
                                White Magnolia & Leaves Garland
                                IN STOCK
                                price: $52.99
                                Pinecone, Acorn & Oak Garland
                                IN STOCK
                                price: $39.99
                                Orange & Green Maple Leaf Garland
                                IN STOCK
                                price: $15.99
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                                Fall Garlands

                                Bring exciting fall foliage indoors when you decorate with fall garlands from Hobby Lobby! Garlands add beautiful flourishes of mixed leaves, faux flowers, and branches that bring lasting feelings of nature into your home. It is important to choose a garland that will complement your autumn decor. Whether you decorate with vibrant fall hues like orange and yellow or muted fall colors like burgundy and mauve, you’ll want your decorations to look cohesive. Play around with autumn garlands in different areas of your home to see what works best. Let’s start by decorating your entryway! Set the mood right by hanging a bright orange leaf garland off the edge of the console table. Attach an orange wreath to the wall above it for a monochromatic look. Display some faux pumpkins on the table to give height to the presentation, then mix in framed photos for a personal touch. Amaze your guests by creating a focal point in your living room. Drape a magnolia garland onto a fireplace mantle to add warm olive green colors. Include taper candles with the garland to illuminate your setting and give it depth. Loop another garland around a nearby banister to bring the design together. Before your guests go into the kitchen, use a garland with lights to line the door frame for added charm. Now you can prepare your Thanksgiving table in style! Display a garland made of maple leaves in the middle of the table to serve as a striking centerpiece. Sprinkle in pinecones to give it a woodland appearance. Place matching plates, napkins, and cutlery on either side to complete the table setting. Once your fall garland decor is set up, relax in the coziness of your newly decorated home!