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Items related to Christmas Candles & Candle Holders

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                              Christmas Candles & Fragrance

                              Christmas is the perfect time for filling your home with more cozy candles and fragrances. Illuminate your space with the soft, traditional lighting of festive taper candles. Place them alongside decor or within the centerpiece on your dining room table. Complement that classic lighting with scented candles so you can smell lovely, holiday fragrances throughout the house. Looking for something traditional and floral to decorate with? Place your favorite candle in one of our floral candle rings. Want something a little more succulent? A berry candle ring brings another lush part of nature indoors. Want to incorporate a little variety into your display? There are candle holders for everything from those sleek taper candles to rustic pillar candles. Finish that picturesque table setting with an elegant candelabra at the center. Fancy a worry-free option to keep things clean? LED candles provide the same soft lighting for hours while requiring little to no attention. Tea light candles can be placed across the mantel, along steps, and wherever you need some dainty spot lighting. Jar candles are full of homey charm and come in classic Christmas scents like cinnamon and clove. Lotions and soaps are also great for achieving those same Christmas smells without the flame. Use them to lend a holiday touch to the relaxing spa atmosphere in your bathroom. Potpourri is another holiday staple that’s ideal for filling decorative bowls. There are a variety of ways to make your home ready for the Christmas season, so get started by shopping Hobby Lobby’s collection today!