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                  Water Transfer Decal Paper
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $8.49
                  Single Action Airbrush & Accessories
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $17.99
                  Pin Vise With Drill Bits
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $9.99
                  Corsair F4U-4 Model Kit
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $19.99
                  Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Model Kit
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $29.99
                  UH-1D Huey Gunship Model Kit
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $27.99
                  M48A2 Patton Tank Model Kit
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $25.99
                  1970 1/2 Chevy Camaro Z/28 Model Kit
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $22.99
                  U.S. M-41 Walker Bulldog Tank
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $21.99
                  Construction Vehicle Model Kit
                  IN STOCK
                  price: $45.99
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                  Model Kits & Tools

                  Start a new project with model kits of your favorite vehicles, ships, and even spacecraft. Model building is an all-consuming pastime that requires creative dedication and rewards you with a lifelike replica to put on display. Whether you’re a military enthusiast or you enjoy reminiscing over rare and vintage cars, there are plenty of satisfying model kits to add to your collection Treat your nostalgia with model car kits from iconic car brands. Spend your time working on a 1970 Camaro or putting together a 1967 Shelby. These kits make great gifts for relatives who remember driving these historical vehicles. Die cast cars come premade in the same styles and feature a small size that’s great for collecting. History buffs will enjoy recreating some of their favorite military vehicles. Craft model airplanes in styles like the Corsair fighter jet or the B-25 Mitchell Bomber. These model kits for adults are highly detailed with intricate styling that mimics their real-life counterparts. Once you’ve completed your model, find the right display case so you can showcase your work. These clear cases come with beveled edges, adding a layer of sophistication while protecting your model at the same time. If you’re going to complete your creative vision, not only do you need the right model kits, you also need the right modelling tools. Choose an airbrush and paints to color your model in the vibrant shades it would have in real life. There are several styles of airbrushes to choose from, as well as airbrush paints that offer rich color and easy application. Make sure everything is secured with the right cement glue or modeling adhesive, then give your project a clear coat of epoxy to preserve it over time. The modeling journey starts now, and it lasts a lifetime!